Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tony Seruga on Business plan and Program shares with Affiliate Yolanda Seruga and Anthony Joseph Seruga

Tony Seruga business development expert. Tony Seruga pioneer serial online and offline entrepreneur shares his thought with Anthony Joseph Seruga and Yolanda Seruga about the latest workout on Business plan and business program which has been widely reviewed and appreciated by the critics. According to Tony Seruga , In these modern age if anybody wants to start a business then they should come up with a business plan and program at first then comes the terms of investing and the other initiative.There are no strict rules for writing a business plan but there are numerous  guidelines that you can follow which will ensure your business looks like possessing a professional and effective plan. The volume of info and standard and level of detail program included will depend on the intended audience. Foroutside  audiences like investors, lenders and government agencies your plan will have to be much more detailed and in-depth. For internal audiences such as upper management or board of directors the information can be less detail oriented and more goal focused. In either case all information should be factual with evidentiary back-up.
To be effective, you should include the following sections and headings:
* Executive Summary: Sometimes the only information that potential investors read so it is essential to give a summary that highlights key aspects of the plan. Usually this section will cover no more than 2 pages.

* Description of the Business: Start-up plans, history and legal establishment of your business
* Operations: Include facility requirements and equipment as well as any outsourced operations.
* Management Team and Employees: Include information on key employees and managers including skills and salary. This section should also include recruitment strategies and salary forecasts.
* Product or Service: Include detailed descriptions of products and services, patents and customer base.
* Market Research: Include information on who your customers are and how to reach them. Also include information on market conditions, competitors and supply and demand issues.
* Strategy and Implementation: Include specific goals and dates as well as management responsibilities. Be very specific.
* Financial Plan: Include a balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, break-even analysis, assumptions, business ratios, and any other pertinent financial reports.
Style and Ease of Reading
Another important element in to focus on in addition to data and endless information is how well your business plan reads. Large paragraphs, endless statistics and financial jargon all can fatigue a reader. This can cause important information to be misunderstood or simply skipped over. Here are a few easy style tips to keep in mind when writing a business plan.
* Use bulleted lists
* Use headings
* Utilize the white space to break up the page
* Refrain from writing large blocks of text that fatigue the reader
* Use graphs, tables and other graphic media such as product photos
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