Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tony Seruga Fight against Internet Scam and Scammer

Tony Seruga The Online and Off line Entrepreneur. Tony Seruga fight against the scammer and ripoff people who deceive the general people who uses the internet for their need. Internet is half part of life now. few days ago a news has been published that a great guy lost his email address to the hackers which has endangered their personal life, which is very frustrating, these kinds of scammers has made the internet a a hell like platform, no one is safe here, that is why the pioneer online marketing expert shares his experience and program how to be safe from those scam artist.

As this is the age of Internet so we can't escape this but we have to be aware of the situation.
Tony recommends few steps to be safe online.

  1. Don't use common password for every social media account
  2. Use a difficult password for every profile accounts.
  3. Don't share anything personal on the social media profiles.
  4. Don't store all your password system on your computer device.
  5. Keep safe your Bank account details
  6. Keep safe your credit card details.
  7. If you run a website then you must aware of the cPanel  security syste.
  8. Use strong antivirus system on your computer device.

Few days ago few popular person's has left Twitter for being too online exposure, there are several example that some famous people has lost their Facebook & Twitter accounts to the hackers. Be aware of all these.

Security is more important in case of online money processing system , now we use PayPal to transfer thousands of funds, if you don't be smart then you may scammed by the scammer like hackers.For the bad people some innocent people gets hurt. Tony Seruga fights against the online fraud and trying to create a better world.

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