Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to use Craigslist as the marketing platform

People is curious to know about free marketing platform that is why Tony Seruga the pioneer marketing expert & Yolanda Seruga co helper of Tony Seruga describes about a free marketing platform that is been used for free. Craigslist is at the top of the lists. Craigslist is a free marketplace frm where you could get free marketing of your prouct or business. As a Classified ad posting site Craigslist is number in this sector & it is nubmer 41 site now in Alexa ranking, so it is a good authority site. very day millions of people visits Craigslist for their wn need so this is the best for marketing.

How to use this ?

Posting ads on this site is very easy but the fact is you can't post too much ads from same account & same IP. If you post too much ads then they will block or ban your account as they run on very strict privacy policy and for being this popular this is a scammer prohibition system and they have a ads flagging & ghosting system.

So, to use properly you should use this in a legal way.

To use properly Create an ad copy of your product or services, have a photo if applicable & post it on the site with contact details. after posting you will get automatic posting.

For business the people using multiple account which hasbeen created from didfferent IP address & from a distinct location. like if you want to post ads on California sites then you have to create account from this states IP address other there is the possibility of ads being ghosted.

There are some software are claiming that Cladgenious is capable of posting hundreds of ads a day but this will cost you a handsome ammount as their fee is $500 to $900 one time & $50 per month fee so this is not accessible by all of them. But this softwate company claims that this worth the price.

What you can sell on Craigslists ?

Even if you want to sell a horse then you can sell it.

You can sell everything here, so you can get the contact of your desired people you are loking for & this is for free.

All the business development organizations and Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga recommends the small business to use this site for theirown good.

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