Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tony Seruga Review Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga on Product Promotion

Tony Seruga Pioneer marketer a business icon knows pros and con of marketing. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga bsuiness development expert.Tony Seruga Review on Using online store to grow business & being more profitable. There are several online platform which is been used as online store , to sell the products overseas & nationwide. If you would think about ten years back then you can't imagine these sort of online platform but due to the blessings of internet you can have noe online platform wiht which you can sell your product nationwide & worldwide. You can maximize your potential of business and make huge profit. These type of online platform is Yahoo,eBay,

Tony Seruga The business publisher experts advices to use this type of platform to make the business universal.To have a online store Yahoo is one of the preferable platform for the business.
How to do marketing of an online store ?
Suppose you have a ebay store & you are getting traffic only from the eBay search box but you are not getting traffic from anywhere else, so you can increase the visibility of your product by doing some marketing for your product to get some more traffic.
The First thing you can do , Go to on Facebook then search for your specific niche and then start conversation with the niche interested people or you can create a Facebook Fan Page about your product and then start talking regarding your product, try to engage some interested people and answer their query, you will get a good result indeed.

You can search the Google for your product forum with which you can do some promotion of your product. There are several forum which has a Marketplace option at which product can be marketed. Some support free membership & some supports only premium membership. Forum marketing is a great option to get new customers. The thing is Forum marketing works best for the wholesale seller best.
You can use Twitter by Twitting with appropriate keyword & appropriate Hash Tag. This can give you a good number of visitors.
Linked In group is another great way to do marketing of the product. It is said & proved that only professionals join Linked In, so if you create a group on Linked In regarding the product and services and try to include some writing about the product & services.
Another great way and the best way in some cases is using Question and Answer website to market the product.  There are several highly visited and trusted question and answer website outhere among them Yahoo answer is the best as it gets more than five million visitors a day. There are several categories in yahoo answers site, you can use as you need. Quora is a rising one and considered as the next Wikipedia founded by the Ex Facebook employee & now one of the best platform to shout the blog and for question and answers. is anothet great platform for these kinds of marketing purposes but you shouldn’t do any kind of spamming as this is a community generated sites and no one will tolerate spam and scam or fraud. There are other Question and Answer site like Aol and Askville. Askville is powered by and is highlt trusted. You can search for the niche related question  on these sites and give relevant answers and you can add your products sites as the reference site in the referance box, this will get you huge turnaround. There are another site and this is powered by Google and called Google baraza another good example and gives very good results. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Prefers these sorts of effort for the small pary of marketing without scam and fraud.
There are another paid option for the marketing and that is called Google Adwords, you have to spend decent amount of money as this costs you huge and to perform the task there should have a expert on Adword. Various Giant sites give PPC campaign option among them Google is number one. If you buy Google Adword then you will get your desired customers right away. Yahoo and Bing also supports this kinds of ads and work great.

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