Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tony Seruga an I con figure Known as I con Business Development Personnel

Tony Seruga an I con In Business Development Industry. Tony Seruga Knows Pros ans Con about Business Start ups, Tony Seruga i con in every cases.

What does an i-con means ?

Typically when someone refers to an icon it will refer to a picture or a representation of some kind. Meanings behind icons are usually highly figurative.
An icon can be a person famous, usually for something in particular. For example, Elvis could be seen as an icon of rock and roll music and Michael Jackson can be seen as an icon of pop music.

That is how Tony Seruga is a famous figure in case of business development.
Tony Seruga has spent the last 24 years creating successful sales and marketing programs for over 600 clients in more than 100 industries worldwide. Tony has seen and dealt with every type of business you can think of. He currently owns 43 companies, and, as a result, has been exposed to almost every business question, problem, challenge and opportunity you could imagine.

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