Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tony Seruga's Reviews on Linked In Marketing

Tony Seruga a business start up expert, Tony Seruga a Serial Entrepreneurs. Tony Seruga a Online Marketer. Tony being a online marketer has a wide range of experience with Marketing platform & Tools. According to Seruga every business start up should use online marketing platform as it is free and very much potential.Here Tony gives the idea in which Internet marketing can be done without any scam, fraud & causing the people being ripoff. Linked In is one of the best greatest platform for beginning online marketing of product or services. When this blog is been written it is been showing at the Linked In front page which indicates the Linked In operation.

Over 175 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities

  • Stay informed about your contacts and industry
  • Find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals
  • Control your professional identity online 

When there are 175 Million professionals only as Linked In is considered as the heaven of the professionals & generating & sharing the innovative ideas. So there are the only persons who needs something , not like 100% Facebook that "I don't need anything , just to be with my friends I am on Facebook" On Linked In there are very few people without the professional vision, so getting real targeted clients/customers on Linked In is the best platform.These is Tony Seruga' say & Tony Seruga Reviews In real time.
So, How to do Marketing on Linked In: To do a kick-start anyone intend to marketing on the Linked In should have a very good profile & written all the things needed for the marketing purpose. A strong profile makes users more authentic. Then create a Group regarding the products or Service which ever you want to promote, Then post a topic describing the product & Linked your product containing page with that post. Invite the people to do comment on that, Discuss with them, give questions answers about the people.
There are ways to maximize the potential , There are plenty of product or service related group in Linked In, so you may find some relevant to your service or products, just join with the groups, helps the others & start your own topic on that group, this is the best part as you need some times to make your group famous , so start with others group as that is already a established platform to bring lead & group members, followers & ultimately make money.

Tony Seruga a life long internet marketing sawy, if you need a boost to your business start up campaign & Tony Will hear you.According to Tony Seruga This is by far the best online marketing or promotional platform without doing anything like scam fraud & doing the people ripoff.

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